Chairman Statement

“We are committed as always to provide you with the highest quality through attention to details, and keeping up with the latest trends from around the world. Since integrity is one of our core values, be assured that everything written on the pack is exactly as it is inside. We hope you enjoy going through this website and find it beneficial.”

Hany Talaat Mostafa


  • Foundation 1980s
  • Building the fruit sector 1990s
  • Building the milk sector 2000s
  • Finishing the LAMAR Factory 2011s
  • Launching the milk range 2012s
  • Launching the juice range 2013s
  • Launching second phase in dairy section 2015s
  • Launching the drinks range 2017s
  • Launching the dairy alternative 2018s
  • Qatameya headquarters 2019s
  • Launching the flavored milk and cooking & whipping cream range 2020s

Our History

Alexandria Agriculture Company, was established in 1985 to produce high-quality milk, to supply other companies with raw milk, until the year 2012, when Lamar started manufacturing its own branded Lamar's milk. 

Our main goal of manufacturing and packaging Lamar's milk and Lamar's juices, is to deliver excellent quality, and a product that classifies as an international product.

The secret of Lamar's success is having a self sufficient and independent farm, where all the steps of manufacturing milk happen inside the farm. That's why our motto is "Straight from the farm to the pack".

Agriculture & Eco Farming

We built our cow barn back in 1998 by importing 500 Holstein cows, who are known for their high genetic traits in terms of producing milk. Our cow barn is equipped with different facilities to provide the ultimate comfort to our Holstein cows.

We Use New technology
We take pride in our high quality crops
We grow agriculture company crops to feed our cows
Our farmers and quality control ensure that each cow is healthy and well fed
Number of Acres
Holstein Cows
Number of Employee

LAMAR Distribution Fleet

A strong distribution fleet to reach consumers.

  • 24,177 retail outlets served
  • 11,329 Indirect retail outlets served
  • 202 Company Vans + 25 Agent Vans + 9 Large trucks
  • Our distribution centers are 9 and contracted distributors are 14, giving a total of 23 distribution centers.
  • 6 products and 43 of SKUs
  • Average of 1,500 employees in LAMAR