Welcome to LAMAR beverage world

Lamar has a range of 100% Juice and drinks made with the goodness of real fruits ensuring to our customers the highest quality standards

LAMAR Juice Logo

LAMAR Juice Logo symbolizes the three elements that go into the juice-making process. Each color symbolizes one of these elements: fruits grown on the farm, water, and the sun

100% Natural Juice

LAMAR 100% juice originates  from concentrate, with no sugar added, and no preservatives. The range is packed in 1L and 200ml, consisting of the following: Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Red grapes, Cranberry Blend, Mango Blend and Tomato Juice

Lamar drinks range

LAMAR has a full range of drinks with no color and preservatives added made with real fruit with the highest quality standard packed in 1L and 200ml.

Our high-quality standards

We take pride in being accredited by different entities, ensuring to our customer our high-quality standards

- We are accredited for the Food Safety System Certification, the most updated quality and safety standard applied in the food industry

- We are accredited for the International Organization for Standardization, a standard for quality and food safety management that we have been applying for many years in its day to day operations. It controls the safety and quality of our products in the entire supply chain

Lamar 100% natural juice