Welcome to our farm

Welcome to our world, our story, our farm; a never-ending story of the cross paths between nature and beauty. The secret of Lamar's success is having a self-sufficient and independent farm, where all the steps of manufacturing milk happen inside the farm. That's why our motto is "Straight from the farm to the pack"

Our Green Logo

Did you know?
Our green logo is the color of life, representing renewal, nature, energy and growth on the farm

Our Farm

We built our cow barn back in 1998 by importing 500 Holstein cows, who are known for their high genetic traits in terms of producing milk. Our cow barn is equipped with different facilities to provide the ultimate comfort to our Holstein cows. Today our farm is home to 10,000+ cows.
Located in Nubaria, 75 kilometers away from Alexandria.

• Specialized in the cultivation of different types of fruit and agricultural crops 
• Includes a residential area for farmworkers
• This farm is what distinguishes LAMAR products from all others.

Our plant sector

Our plant sector covers 50% of land area.

We take pride in our high-quality crops. We plant different types of crops, such as pomegranate and grapes.

We are currently the biggest grape farm in one area in Egypt where we grow 4 types:

- Flame Seedless Red Grapes
- Crimson Seedless Red Grapes
- Thompson Seedless Green Grapes
- Superior Seedless Green Grapes


We grow agricultural crops such as corn and green fodder to feed our cows…

Cows and social relationship

Quality control

Our Quality control ensures that each cow is healthy and well-fed…

Everyday our cows roam freely across the farm, which is a vital element to keeping the cows comfortable and relaxed.

Enjoy the journey

Pet the cows, see the factory and learn all about the farm life while enjoying our scenery.

Our visits are suitable for all ages with a special program for schools

Come spend a day at our farm